DR.X Sheet Metal Rust Remover 1L (Step 1) works easily and fast all the way into the pores. Simply spray it on to the rust and watch it kill the rust quickly. Use a high pressure water gun to spray away the rust. Repeat if necessary. Afterwards spray with Step 2 DR.X Flash Guard to stop the action and stop the rust for 3-4 weeks. Finally spray Step 3: any primer, paint, zinc spray,... to protect the object from rust .

DR. X Sheet Metal Rust Remover (Step 1) 1L

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  • 1 L of DR.X Sheet Metal Rust Remover will remove rust from the object and work all the way into the pores. Once derusted treat with step 2: Dr. X Sheet Metal Neutralizer and Step 3 DR.X Sheet Metal Sealant.

  • When you have derusted with DR X Sheet Metal Rust Remover, please make sure to use DRX Step 2 and Step 3. If not, the derusted surface will start rusting again due to the oxygen and moisture in the air. To fully neutralize and protect your derusted surface , apply Step 2 and Step 3 as described in the website.