DR.X Sheet Metal Rust Remover works easily and fast all the way into the pores. Simply spray it on to the rust and watch it kill the rust quickly. Afterwards use a high pressure water gun to spray away the rust. Repeat if necessary. Now spray  DR.X Flash Guard to stop the action and stop the rust for 3-4 weeks. Finally spray Step 3 : any primer, paint, zinc spray,... to protect the object from rust.

DR. X Sheet Metal Rust Remover 5L

  • 5 L of DR.X Sheet Metal Rust Remover will remove rust from the object and work all the way into the pores. Once derusted treat with step 2: Dr. X Sheet Metal Neutralizer and Step 3 DR.X Sheet Metal Sealant.

  • When you have derusted with DR X Sheet Metal Rust Remover, please make sure to use DRX Step 2 and/or Step 3. If not, the derusted surface will start rusting again due to the oxygen and moisture in the air. To fully neutralize and protect your derusted surface , apply Step 2 and Step 3 as described in the website.